PM bashes Dr Kamal for threatening journalists

PM bashes Dr Kamal for threatening journalists
Published : 17 Dec 2018, 21:44:47
PM bashes Dr Kamal for threatening journalists
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Monday visibly bashed opposition Jatiya Oikya Front convenor Dr Kamal Hossain for issuing threats to newsmen saying what type of governance someone could deliver who intimidates reporters just for asking a question.
“It’s being understood that what type of good governance they will deliver if they assume state power as they threat reporters to scare them shouting ‘khamosh’ (shut up),” a premier’s office spokesman quoted her as saying.
PM’s Assistant Press Secretary Asif Kabir said Sheikh Hasina, however, expected no such threat could bar the free and fair journalism in the country.
According to the spokesman, the premier’s comments came as Jamuna Television’s Senior Reporter Bhaskor Bhaduri informed the premier that he was threatened by the Oikya Front leader as he met her on the sidelines of a discussion and said he felt unsecured receiving such threats.
The prime minister asked Bhashkar not to be worried about his security.
Dr Kamal Hossain on December 14 threatened reporters including Bhashkor when he was asked about his position on the Jamaat-e-Islami which openly opposed Bangladesh’s Liberation War in 1971.
“Think of the martyrs. Think of the martyrs. Just stop it, shut up (khamosh)! Which newspaper are you from? I will keep you in memory,” he told reporters.
One of the reporters asked Dr Kamal why Jamaat, whose registration has been canceled by the Election Commission, is contesting the polls with the Jatiya Oikyafront.
Kamal said: “How much money have you got to ask such questions … Who paid you?”-BSS

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