Is respect of a woman in her vagina?

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Is respect of a woman in her vagina?
Published : 24 Jun 2016, 13:29:02
Is respect of a woman in her vagina?
Kaniz Fatima
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Many women, girls, even minor girls are raped with occurrences of gang-rape and in some cases the victims are brutally killed. What are the consequences? Many victims who could not live with the horror of this heinous act committed suicide. When overcoming the fear of this horrific dream some of them wanted to live normal life, they became the victim of social stigma.  Their family members feel ashamed of them as the society thinks a rape victim loses her honour.
When a wife is raped, husband feels shame thinking that his wife has lost her honour. In many cases the husband refuses to take his wife back and discontinues their relationship. It is very unfortunate that when a woman or a girl is raped it is said that she has lost her honour (Izzit). How does she lose her honour? Is respect of a woman in her vagina?
In our society many minor girls become the victim of perverse lust and brutality of men. But, the irony is the rapist does not any stigma in the society where the victim has to bear the scar for rest of her life. If a girl is raped it is very tough for her to return to normal life. Her family has to struggle to marry her off to a desirable person as the society thinks the girl lost her most valuable assert. But what is most valuable assert of a women. Is it her vagina? If a woman is raped why it is said that she lost her honour? Is a woman holds her respect in her vagina?
Few days ago, a class-two student was raped by her teacher Raza Mia, 35, at sader upazial of Sylhet. Had the 8-year old girl lose her honour after being raped?
On March 30, criminals gang-raped a teenage girl at Badechandi village, sadar upazila of Jamalpur district. Did the victim at the age of 14 lose her honour?
Police arrested a man named Selim on charge of raping his six year-old niece at Haibtpur Uttarpara vullage in Sadar upaxila of Jessore district on April 26.
Salim raped the minor girl when she was home along. Did Salim lose his respect or the minor girl?’
An 8-year old girl was gang raped in Habiganj on April 12. The rapist Illias Mia, lured the girl with chocolate and raped her after taking into a house.
A female RMG worker was gang raped in Chittagong on April 12. She was kidnapped when she was returning home after finishing her night shift.
Trisha, a very cute little girl drowned 14 years ago in Gaibandha. No, she did not die she was killed by a group of molesters. Who forced her to jump into a pond?
On July 17, 2002, three men intercepted Trisha, a class four student, in a bid to abduct her, when she was returning home from school. Frightened Trisha jumped into a pond and drowned. Why Trisha jumped into the pond? It could be that she thought if she was raped she would have lost her honour. At her very early age the girl knew that how the society would treat a rape victim. 
 According to the recent statistics of Bangladesh Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK) of last two months (from January to February) of 2016 on rape cases found shocking. It shows that 105 women have been raped by offenders and among them 20 victims are between 7-12 years old. Further, 3 victims are killed after rape and 2 committed suicide. Evidently these numbers demonstrate the gravity of these incidents.
The above statistics is the known figure but the original figure is more than that. In many cases the rape victims do not disclose this being afraid of receiving ill treatment from the society.  
Sexual violence is a weapon of war. All over the world women and girl are raped during the war. The Burmese army has used rape and sexual violence against women for decades as part of their warfare against ethnic minority groups in the country. This has been done with impunity and denial. Cases of women and girls being raped by soldiers from the government’s forces include the rape of a 12-year old girl in front of her mother, and of a disabled woman. Many of the victims were gang-raped, and many killed afterwards. This is in breach of international law, and constitutes a war crime. Reports of rape have increased in recent years. UN reports have described rape and sexual violence as “widespread and systematic”.
More than 400,000 women ages 15 to 49 experienced rape between 2006 and 2007 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That is equivalent to 1,152 women raped every day, 48 women raped every hour, or four women raped every five minutes. Did all the women and girls have lost their honour?
During the liberation war of Bangladesh around two lakhs women were raped. Our political leader and on many occasions our intellectuals said that we earned our independent through scarifying the honour (Izzit) of 2 lakh women. No, the women did not lose their honour, they were tortured by Pakistani. If anybody says they lost their honour I want to ask them what is honour? 
Honour is the value of a person in his/her own eyes, but also in the eyes of his/her society. How fanny if the society think a women holds her respect in her body. If any molester tortured her will she lose her respect to him? 
In Bangladesh, though there are laws but still the victim or family members of the victim remain silent due to the lack of support services for victims, social stigma associated with rape, and prevailing patriarchal attitudes.
If the incident of rape is exposed, the victim has to undergo severe mental and social constraints. That's why rape cases in Bangladesh remain largely unreported and rape victims commit suicide or mentally depresed. So, it is need to change the thinking way of the society. We have to create social awareness for which the rape victim gets proper mental support as well as we have to ensure proper justice so that we can get rid of our society from this heinous violence.
The writer is a journalist.

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