'Freelancing, a key to success for job-seekers'

'Freelancing, a key to success for job-seekers'
Published : 25 Mar 2017, 14:58:43
'Freelancing, a key to success for job-seekers'
Ujjal A Gomes
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Abdul Hamid had started his freelancing career back in 2008 after pursuing his Honours and Master’s degrees in History from Dhaka University instead of looking for a job. But, the beginning was not a piece of cake. 
He, in course of time, managed to overcome the struggle through huge patience, consistency and hard labour. Now the managing director of Bizbond IT Limited, a freelancing training and support centre, Hamid recently talked to this news portal when he shared his story of struggle and success. 
Born in Sirajganj, Hamid since his childhood had dreamt of being a professor in a college, but changed his aim during his university life. He then had opted to become a public servant and that plan too did not work since something else surfaced in his mind. 
He finally became rigid that he himself will do something to make ends meet.
Initially, his family also did not really support, especially financially, him in this regard. He had to borrow money from others for the entrepreneurship.
He had started his online-based business Bizbond in 2010. At one point, he thought of building a capable and confident team to help expand his venture, eventually establishing Bizbond IT Limited in 2014.
Hamid primarily worked with Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industries, ACI Limited and Grameenphone, among other, reputed companies.
He participated in digital fair, e-commerce fair and IT expo. This apart, he initially took guidelines on freelancing and outsourcing, starting CPA and affiliate marketing.
Throughout the process, he was promising, but was left disappointed when his partners did not really cooperate him. Hence, he finally opted to do things on his own.
He suggests that the youths of the country get involved in freelancing, rather than looking for a job. Because, managing employment has been an uphill task for graduates these days. So, freelancing, he says, will greatly help resolve unemployment and lead a good life through earning bread successfully. 
Bizbond is eyeing to work as a brand for job-seekers. An ordinary freelancer cane make up to $300/ month, while the same person, if well trained or gets skilled, can earn 10 times the amount over the same period.
Bizbond is also keen to get support from the government so that it can work extensively to ensure quality freelancing. With a branch already operating in Chittagong, the institution wants to open more centres across the country in 2017. 
Bizbond IT currently employs 30 skilled trainers on CPA, youtube, affiliate marketing, graphics design, web design and development, 3D animation, SEO and software development.
The key feature of the institution is special care and technical assistances during the course and even after it. Bizbond IT also helps its students manage a job online. 
“A number of educated youths are looking for employment. They have merit, which can be greatly used in freelancing, resolving the issue of unemployment. Keeping this in mind, we want to build the country’s largest freelancing community,” Hamid hoped.
"We actually do so because many a student, especially the freshers, find it difficult to do things correctly despite attending a course. In that case, they need special guidance what we offer," Hamid said.
“We want to help our students become a successful freelancer,” he added.
He appreciated the government's countrywide initiative to provide free training on graphics design, digital marketing, web design under the earning and learning project.
According to him, proper guidance and advice can help a new freelancer develop his or her career rightly with bold determination. 
One has to spend more time and work hard to gain success in this field. Otherwise, it will not be possible to succeed or enlarge career, he opined, asking a freelancer not to be frustrated. 
He also insisted on having a good command over English as a key requirement for freelancing successfully.
"Freelancing is a well recognised profession globally currently and Bangladesh is seeing a boom in it. So, I believe we will be able to make it even bigger if the pace of our performance keep growing," hoped a confident Hamid.
"This will also help eradicate unemployment of our vast population, boosting the national economy", he said.

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