Why would the people study in the country?

Why would the people study in the country?
Published : 23 Aug 2017, 01:05:21
Why would the people study in the country?
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Just learnt that a teacher of Comilla University is being sent on forced leave and a committee has already been formed to probe some allegations brought against him!
But, what is his fault? 
His fault is spending some time with several students to help them understand their lessons after the Mourning Day programmes on August 15. 
I still do not understand how such an act is considered a crime? 
Did he forcibly make students come to the classroom on the National Mourning Day, a public holiday? 
No, he did not. The students rather willingly approached him to help them understand some academic problems. Despite that fact, an investigation committee has been formed against him. Who knows, maybe, someday I will hear that this very teacher also lost his job. 
I do not know whether you would believe that one of my teachers used to finish an entire course just imparting our lesson on a single topic. He would also talk about political issues in his classes! 
This very country is ours! University teachers here give at best three classes for each course and then conduct exam on that. They face no problem for that since nobody talks against them. Even, there is nobody to check if a specific course is taken appropriately!
Local public university teachers are busy conducting classes at private universities, instead of doing their job at their original workplace, and attend midnight talk shows on television. There is still nobody to take action against them.  
But, when a teacher just acting upon the request of his/her students helps them understand their lesson, he/ she has to face the music. 
Then, why would the people study in the country? 
The entire education system of the country is being destroyed in such a manner?
Collected from the Facebook account of Aminul Islam

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