Facing obstacle and finding a new way

Facing obstacle and finding a new way
Published : 16 Jun 2016, 06:38:44
Facing obstacle and finding a new way
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After joining Fatullah Tax Circle on September 23, 2015, one day I made a sudden visit to the field office of Fatullah union. Although the office was located next to the Fattullah Bazar I had trouble finding the office.
It is unthinkable that people coming from far distances would not be able to find a government office easily. After surveying the area it was found that garbage was dumped on a piece of vacancy land next to the thana. Immediately, with the order of the district commissioner garbage was remove from that .03 acre of land, which belonged to the land office  and a path was created for people to go to the office across the land with trees planted on the both side.
Also, some awareness raising statements including land management and land services were posted on the walls of both side of the street. After the pathway to the office was made it became lively.   
If by facing a trouble a new way is created, I wish that more problems will come in future which will help me to find many ways.
From the facebook page of Nahida Barik

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