A black day in the history of Bangladesh

A black day in the history of Bangladesh
Published : 06 Jun 2016, 03:06:10
A black day in the history of Bangladesh
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I was really scared when I heard that Babul Akhter’s wife has been shot to death. I was literary shivering.
Today, the day Superintendent of Police and also Deputy Commission of Chittagong Metropolitan Police Babul Akter’s wife was killed, is another day in Bangladesh’s history.
The man is a hero and an iconic figure in preventing crime and terrorism. My friends from Chittagong University always talked about Babul Akter’s heroic achievement.  
When I woke up this morning, I heard the news that Babul bhai’s wife has been shot to death. Now what our honourable home minister and IG of Police would say, that it is a ‘separate incident’? Bloggers, writer, professors and others have been killed but murderers were not brought to justice. I think this culture of impunity is the only reason why Babul bhai’s wife is no longer with us. Today the message was that no one is safe not even the wife and children.
I will request all the patriots out there to think deeply. What kind of uncertainty are we facing in the country?  With the fear of getting you and I killed the new treat is fear of getting our children killed.
What can be more alarming than this scary situation? Today is a tough day for the brave who risk their lives in the line duty to fight crime and never compromise with integrity. 
I have no words to condole with Babul Akter. The assassins should be brought under justice immediately.     
I can understand that this is a very challenging time for an honest police officer and a true journalist, among others.
Taken from Facebook page of Shariful Hassan.

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