Misleading TV report on standard of education

Misleading TV report on standard of education
Published : 01 Jun 2016, 01:13:29
Misleading TV report on standard of education
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If I remember correctly, in 1989, when a student, who secured first position in the SSC examination, was asked who invented the computer and he could not come up with the correct answer. The question was part of an interview which was published in a magazine.
At that time, people said “today’s education has no standard compared to our time.” They laughed at him as he did not know who the invented computer.
Recently, a private television channel is proudly broadcasting a report portraying that students, who passed SSC with good grades, are ignorant and the standard of education is below standard.
To make the report viable, that TV channel shows that when it asked some common questions to a group of students, who just passed SSC, they failed to answer any of it correctly.      
It seems that this TV report was made to make them look stupid and to show that today’s education is bellow standard.
It is the wrong picture of our education system.
This is not objective journalism and some people have already denounced the report as an ill motivated one.
From Gazi Nasiruddin Ahmed’s face book.

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