10 Indians among 77 held over BPL gambling

10 Indians among 77 held over BPL gambling
Published : 17 Nov 2017, 23:12:16
10 Indians among 77 held over BPL gambling
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The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) recently nabbed 77 gamblers for their practices during the ongoing edition of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). 
However, the officials can do very little about it about nabbing the gamblers. There are no existing laws regarding gambling and betting in the country at the moment and hence, the board can only advice people not to get indulged in such activities.
As per the recent reports in the Dhaka Tribune, 10 among the 77 gamblers are Indians, and 12 are other foreigners. The BPL governing council member secretary mentioned that the BCB is only spreading awareness about the same at the moment. He also remarked that the board knows it is impossible to eradicate it from the ground levels. Hence, the best approach is to put up awareness messages on the LED boards on the grounds.
“Other than raising awareness, the BCB has nothing else to do regarding this. Through the LED and scoreboard placed at the stadium, we are trying to raise awareness. It is not possible for us to stop the betting that is taking place in this country. The whole issue depends on the law enforcement authorities. We have no laws in our country regarding betting,” said BPL governing council member secretary Ismail Haider Mallick.
Security units working on it
He further added that the BCB anti-corruption unit is working on it though.  If the betting and gambling take place at the stadium venues, then the ACUs will surely take strict action against such activities. For now, the board cannot take legal actions against them because of no existing laws for gambling.
“However, the anti-corruption and security units have been working on this. If betting takes place inside the stadium then these two units will take action. But even if we capture the gamblers, we can’t place them under the legal system. We can’t even place a general diary against them,” he mentioned..-Crictracker.com

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