Factional feud hits Rajshahi BNP city, dist units hard

Factional feud hits Rajshahi BNP city, dist units hard
Published : 25 May 2017, 13:47:44
Factional feud hits Rajshahi BNP city, dist units hard
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BNP’s Rajshahi city and district units are gripped by the factional feud of the party’s local leaders and activists. The unrest has already spreaded even in the union and upazila levels. The recent formation of one committee of the two units each is to blame for the situation since the earlier office holders were not named in those.
Those who did not get a post in the committees alleged that “inactive” leaders were included in the new committees, causing them to start a protest. 
BNP announced the committees on December 27 last year, after seven long years. Three out of the top four posts were awarded to new leaders, leading to the turmoil. 
At one stage, the agitating leaders and activists locked their city unit office and constituted “BNP Protection Committee” demanding cancellation of the new committee of the unit. The office, however, was reopened with the instability continuing which was turned rather intensified on May – and --. 
The followers of the deprived leaders then started demonstration during a two-day council in presence of BNP Standing Committee Leader Goyeshwar Chandra Roy, ensuing spates of infighting at the programme venue.
They carried out vandalism, eat up and threw footware to the rival group leaders and activists men, and also tore down the party banners and festoons.
The unwanted incident did not just stop there as the protesting leaders did something even worse when the central leaders were being seen off at a local airport. Rajshahi city unit BNP General Secretary Shafiqul Haq Milon physically assaulted his district unit counterpart, Matiur Rahman Mantu. The victim has already reported the matter to the party headquarters and its chairperson.
Milon retained his post as the GS at the committee where Rajshahi City Mayor Md Mosaddek Hossain Bulbul replaced his predecessor Mizanur Rahman Minu as the president. Interestingly, Milon is known to be a loyal to Minu. It appears that the demand for reinstating Minu as the president surfaced due to his relation with Milon.
Meanwhile, Advocate Nadim Mostafa was removed as the president of the district unit as the previous Vice-President Tofazzal Hossain Tapu took the charge. On the other hand, Mantu replaced Advocate Qamrul Manir as the GS.
It is alleged that Nadim and Minu, in collusion with the rejected leaders, are jointly masterminding the turmoil within the party. According to party insiders, Milon is eyeing candidacy for the next general polls from Rajshahi-3 (Poba-Mohonpur) constituency, following Minu’s approval. But, the district unit itself wants to nominate its favourable candidate for the district-level seat, worsening the crisis. 
Montu, admitting the fact, said, “There was just one tiger (Minu), who got removed from the city unit. Then again, he wants intervene and create unrest in our district unit to establish his supremacy.”
Montu also attributed the situation to Nadim and other rejected leaders.
When contacted, Nadim, however, denied the allegation, saying that he did nothing to create anarchy in the new committee.
Rather, he claimed to have accepted the committee as approved by the party chief Khaleda Zia.
Bubul said, “A vested quarter is crafting plots to stick to their power and leadership. If the freshers are not given opportunity, it will not help create new leadership, eventually causing the party to suffer.”
Milon blamed it on the rejected leaders and at the same time termed the factional feud an isolated incident.
He also denied assaulting Montu, saying that they had just exchanged heated words at the airport.
About the factional dispute, Minu, also an adviser to Khaleda, said BNP being a large party can have some “misunderstandings” and the situation would be brought under control.
He claimed not to have any personal dispute with anybody else over the party issues.

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