30 gangs of 'derailed' teen boys in city

Tue, February 25, 2020
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30 gangs of 'derailed' teen boys in city
Published : 22 Feb 2017, 14:33:53
30 gangs of 'derailed' teen boys in city
Khalilur Rahman
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As many as 30 gangs of young boys said to be engaged in different forms of criminal acts across the capital, say law enforcers.
The law enforcers have already arrested many a member of the groups with RAB having information about the origination of the groups.
The birth of the teenage crime rackets was first reported in Uttata with a the inception of a gang called Kakra in 2001, whose members were some derailed adolescent boys. 
Afterwards, the area saw formation of some 30 other groups. 
The groups that are functional there include, except for the maiden one, G Unit, Black Rose, Rono, K Knight, Disco Boyz, Ninestar, Nine MM Boyz, Potla Babu, Sujan, Altaf, Castle Boyz and Viper Group, each comprising up to 30 members.
In 2015, the groups merged as Fifteen Group, leading to factional dispute within the new entity. As a result, the organisation splited into Disco Boyz, Ninestar, Nine MM Group and Big Boss, among others.
The groups are consisted of youths and teenage boys, mostly reading at schools and colleges and are from elite to low-income families.
The offences they are linked to are bid to establish supremacy in own locality, engage in ragging and stalking, drug abuse, snatching, riding motorbikes or cars recklessly with  massive honking and sharing obscene videos on social media.
RAB said most of the groups are active in Uttara and its adjoining areas. The gangs have their own logos which they use in wall-writings and Facebook groups. Even many members of the group posted pictures on Facebook showing consumption of alcohol and sheesha. 
According to the elite force, the groups are engaged in threatening each other and are used to trying to hack Facebook IDs.
On January 6, an adolescent named Adnan Kabir was murdered in Uttara over gang dispute. A case was filed later on, leading to the nabbing of eight people belonging to several groups on February 7.
RAB in a press briefing said it also seized three knives, two iron rods, two machetes, twp canisters of colour spray and two sachets of hemp.  
One of the detainees in primary interrogation admitted to have hacked Adnan to death, RAB said, adding, the rest were assisting him.

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