Anik, a DJ-turned-arms trader

Tue, February 18, 2020
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Anik, a DJ-turned-arms trader
Published : 08 Dec 2016, 21:34:35
Anik, a DJ-turned-arms trader
Khalilur Rahman
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He is just 28 and is from an affluent family living in the capital’s Uttar Badda area. His name is Tareq Ahmed Anik, son of Abu Tareq Ahmed.

Anik was a student of Manarat School in the capital and is an ex-DJ (disc jockey. But, the 28-year-old is now a criminal and an arms trader, as revealed in recent investigation by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB).

The elite force says that Anik got addicted to drugs and came in regular tough with females. After becoming a druggie, he himself started drug peddling and took control of narcotics trade in Badda area in no time, earning him a huge sum of illegal money.  

In order to continue his dominance of drug peddling in the area, he gradually became an arms trader and got familiar with other traders of illegal firearms. With course of time, he began running trade of drugs and arms almost with the same pace. At one stage, he started to supply arms and explosives to areas adjoining the capital.  

These pieces of information were revealed after the RAB detained 5 of the aides of Anik on Sunday (December 4) night. The lawmen also seized 4 illegal foreign pistols, 38 bullets and 9 magazines from the possession of the detainees.  

However, Anik could not be booked in the raids since he managed to flee along with his another associate named Anik Badsdah. The RAB claims that it is conducting raids in search of Anik.

Lt Col Tuhin Mohammad Masud, commander of RAB-1, told the media that Anik has already sold out some 50 firearms within the capital city, claiming that they also collected the names of the people who bought the firearms.

The RAB official, however, could not clarify whether Anik used to sell firearms to militants. He said that they had no verified information about Anik selling firearms to militants. But, he fears that some of the weapons might have already reached the hands of militants.

“We are looking into the matter,” Masud said, adding, Badshash, who is an electrician, used to collect the shipment of firearms and supply those to their clients. He also used to take care of the consignment of firearms and hide those in the house of Arif alias Paani Arif, another aide of Anik, in Badda.
Anik and Arif would run business of drinking water. This apart, Anik has some 20 more associates for his firearms business, the RAB official added.

Interestingly enough, Anik, who is also an extortionist, a gambler, a land-grabber and a terrorist, used to introduce himself as a source of law enforcing agency.  

Anik has also business of contraction materials and local and foreign liquor. He is also accused of being a pimp.    


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