Including grassroots leaders in Jatiya Party central committee makes all happy

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Including grassroots leaders in Jatiya Party central committee makes all happy
Published : 27 Jun 2016, 06:39:13
Including grassroots leaders in Jatiya Party central committee makes all happy
Zahid Hassan Biplob
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More than hundred names of the members of presidium and central committee of Jatiya Party have been announced since its eighth national council. The grassroots level leaders and activists of the party think that the names were picked fairly evaluating the grassroots level members. Chairman of the Jatiya Party Hussain Muhammad Ershad has announced before and after the national council that diehard, active and former student leaders would get priority while forming the committees. The leaders of the party said they were happy as the chairman Ershad’s words have been reflected during forming new committees.
Regarding the matter, a top Jatiya Party leader said one or two small irregularity happens in every party. There was no major irregularity but BNP is able to declare committee even after three months because of irregularities and ‘post business’. 
In the announced partial committee former student leaders have received priority. Like Iqbal Hossain Raju, who was given the responsibility of vice chairman, has been engaged with Ershad since 1983. He never left Ershad. He went to jail many times for demonstrating demanding release of Ershad from jail. Liaquat Hossain Khoka MP has been announced number one joint secretary general who has been with the party since it was in power.
Former student leader Golam Mohammad Razu has been chosen as number two joint secretary general. The former VP of Habibullah Bahar University is involved with Jatiya Party since 1983. New vice president Alamgir Sikder Loton is a former VP of Jagannath University. He had to go to jail few times for staging demonstration to free Ershad from prison. There are many more examples.
Ershad has also paid attention to the members of the parliament from the party during forming the committees. They have been chosen according their eligibility. 
In this regard, the co-chairman of jatiya Party G M Quader told the that “We all wanted to evaluate the grassroots level leareds of the party. Who are out of the committee they should not worry because still two third of the committee is left. No one will be left out.”  
Specially, those who regularly spend time in Kakrail office and always attend meetings evetuallt they all will be included, Secretary general of Jatiya Party ABM Ruhul Amin Hawlader said.
According to chairman Ershad’s order we are trying to accommodate all eligible members, he told the
“Although it is not possible to include everyone in the central committee we are trying to present an acceptable full-fledged committee,” he said.

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