Ershad to introduce young, intelligent leaders in JP central committee

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Ershad to introduce young, intelligent leaders in JP central committee
Published : 19 Jun 2016, 16:31:37
Ershad to introduce young, intelligent 
leaders in JP central committee
Jahid Hossain Biplob
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Although the central committee of Jatiya Party (JP) has 299 memberships, over eight hundred leaders of the party have submitted applications to get positions in the committee.
According to the senior leaders of the party, young, intelligent and devoted leaders are likely to get posts in the next committee.
Meanwhile, chairman of Jatiya Party, has interviewed the interested new candidates who are seeking posts in the committee. Who are already in the committee they did have to face interview with Ershad.
It has been learnt that Ershad met with the applicants during June13 and June 16. The party’s chairman has already selected over one hundred eligible leaders in these four days, said a confidential source in the party. The grassroots level leaders and activists have welcomed the decision that now the leaders have to face the party’s chairman before entering the central committee.
Many marginal leaders have told the that they are working in the remote areas of the country.
“We do not get the scopes to talk with our idol HM Ershad face to face. The interview process for selecting leaders for central committee has given us opportunity to meet our chairman. We won’t have regrets even if we do not get chance in the central committee,” the Jatiya Party leaders said.
Most of the new faces, who are coming to the central committee, are diehard workers and holding important posts in district an upazila level. Also, many from the associate ogranisatins are lobbying for getting in the committee.
The party’s council was held on May 14 where HM Ershad was re-elected chairman while Rowshan Ershad was elected senior co-chairman and GM Quader as co-chairman. Aslso, Ruhul Amin Hawlader was elected secretary general of Jatiya Party.  
The council gave the party’s chairman HM Ershad the full authority to select members of the central committee. He has already selected 37 presidium members. The full-fledged committee is likely to be announced within few days.
This is the first time that marginal leaders are getting chance to take part in the selection process of the central committee, sources said. Ershad along with Rowshan Ershad, GM Quader, Ruhul Amin Hawlader took the interviews, sources added.
“The initiative has been taken to bring young and intelligent leaders in the party’s central committee,” said Sunil Shuvo Roy, press and political secretary to the Jatiya Party chairman.
Meanwhile leaders are lobbying to get positions in the central committee. Specially, they going to the key personals of the party such as—chairman HM Ershad, senior co-chairman Rowshan Ershad, co-chairman GM Quader and secretary general Ruhul Amin Hawlader, among others.
“After a successful council, the Jatiaya Party has created a buzz in districts, upazila and village level. We are a big and strong political party. It is normal that there are many interested candidates out their to enter the central committee,” ABM Ruhul Amin Haelader told the

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