Look on the bright side of life!

Look on the bright side of life!
Published : 15 Mar 2016, 11:53:13
Look on the bright side of life!
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Monty Python puns aside, if you have not introduced bright colours into your life yet, this is the time to do so, and let me explain why.

Any cross-section taken of my wardrobe over the last 5 years will just be 50 shades of black. As soon as I made the transition from wearing nothing but football jerseys to wearing nothing but band T-shirts, I kissed goodbye to any sort of colour.

It's the fail-safe of all colours so why would you go for anything else?

Now, I am not here to tell you to throw away dark items of clothing, rather, I am here to encourage you to embrace brighter colours instead of shying away from them.

Wearing dark or neutral colours all the time is bound to get monotonous, and the tiniest pop of vibrancy can go a long way and perk up your whole look. Instead of looking drab and uninspired day in day out, be a little daring, and step out of your comfort zone.

The classic “winged eyeliner and red lips” combination always looks good, without a doubt, but you should opt for a bright fuchsia, or even a brighter shade of red – choose a lipstick with orange hues for that extra bit of vibrancy.

Pick the shade that's best for your skin tone: pinks and purples look great on fair skin, but will look less natural on people with a more golden complexion, in which case orange shades are best. If you have got darker skin, then try a deep plum or burgundy lipstick.

People generally tend to avoid wearing bright eye-shadows because they' are afraid they will look tacky, or like a clown, or worse: a tacky clown. The crucial step that seems to be omitted in most makeup routines is the simplest one: blend.

Pick a colour that contrasts your outfit, while still complementing it. Apply the pigment to your eyelids and with a blending brush, blend outward until it looks more subtle. It will add the perfect edge to your look if you keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

If you keep things matte for your daytime look, amp up the glam quotient by using a metallic or glittery version of the same colour for night time.

Coloured eyeliners are another option if you do not like to wear too much makeup, as sometimes eye-shadows can feel a bit heavy, especially in humid weather. Ditch the black liner and pick a brightly coloured one, but apply in the same style, and again, keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum to really allow the colour to shine through.

If you would rather not make drastic changes to your makeup routine, how about changing up some of your accessories instead? If your clothing is too dark, or has too many of the same colours, there are a myriad of options for you, ranging from colourful hair accessories, to bags, belts, and of course, jewellery.

You are not just limited to headbands when it comes to finding the perfect hair accessory.

Gold and silver jewellery is timeless, but colourful pieces that complement your outfit will work wonders. Try wearing necklaces of different lengths for a quirky boho look, or some bright dangling earrings to contrast with the rest of your outfit.

A colourful belt, whether thick or thin, will accentuate your hourglass figure when worn over your blouse or shirt. If you have a dark top and a dark skirt, or dark trousers, a brightly coloured belt will be the perfect addition to break up that solid block of colour and will make your outfit so much more interesting.   

What about a bright handbag as the finishing touch to your outfit? You can get colourful satchels that will add that vibrant dimension to your look, while still being appropriate for formal use. Naturally, the same goes for shoes.

Although black shoes go with more or less everything, a bright pair of pumps or heels will add the perfect amount of contrast, and will be more subtle than wearing bright jewellery or makeup.

So there you have it - a few simple suggestions that will make a huge difference. People will instantly be drawn to you when you wear bright colours, and besides, colours have been shown to boost your mood. All the more reason to embrace the bright side!

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