Facebook introduces new Valentine’s Day features for Messenger

Sun, February 24, 2019
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Facebook introduces new Valentine’s Day features for Messenger
Published : 14 Feb 2018, 17:57:28
Facebook introduces new Valentine’s Day features for Messenger
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Facebook has a new feature dedicated for Valentine’s Day. Couples on Facebook who make their relationship status “FB official” will get to use this exclusive feature.
Once you put up a relationship status with your partner, you will receive a Messenger notification and your conversation will open up on the app. There will be heart shower on the screen of your chat conversation with your loved one. The custom emoji found in the lower right hand corner will also be the one with heart eyes.
Facebook will prompt you to customise your chat by setting a text color, emoji, and nickname. This feature is otherwise available for all users on Facebook. Lastly, your loved one will be the first to appear on the “Active Tab” on top of Messenger.
“In the spirit of feeling all the feelings, we thought it would be timely to share how people in the Messenger community express their love and adoration,” Messenger said in a blogpost on Tuesday.
“We found that emojis are the new love language: people share over 2 billion emojis every day on Messenger, with the “kiss, “heart eyes” and “red heart” emoji’s ranking in the top five most popular emojis,” the post added.
“This isn’t a Valentine’s Day promotion. This is what each couple that says they’re in a relationship will see going forward,” Messenger representative was quoted as telling VentureBeat.
The Messenger camera also has new filters customised for users to send love notes. There’s one of pink hearts popping out, and another with heart candies. The third filter is one with the “Queen of Hearts”. You will find the camera at the bottom panel placed at the center with a heart icon.
These festive filters and effects are also available in Messenger video chat, the post said.-IANS

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