Raushan calls for employment generation for jobless youths

Raushan calls for employment generation for jobless youths
Published : 12 Jul 2018, 19:23:28
Raushan calls for employment generation for jobless youths
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Leader of the Opposition in the Parliament Begum Raushan Ershad on Thursday asked the government to take necessary steps for creating employment for the youths as the country has more than 5 crore jobless youths while the number is rising over the years.
“According to the estimate by the World Bank the country has more than 5.50 crore jobless youths who need to get employment,” the opposition leader said this
before closing of the 21st session of the 10th parliament here this afternoon.
Quoting the media report, the opposition leader said currently 2 lakh 90 thousands 348 posts are lying vacant in different ministries, saying that the government should take initiatives for fulfilling those vacant posts.
“We have to take initiatives for establishing industries in the country immediately for providing employment to the jobless people,” she told the House.
Despite the rising number of jobless youths in the country, she said, they are not getting job opportunity in the local companies due to their inferior quality. A
significant number of foreign youths are working in our local companies and taking huge remuneration yearly from these companies, she added.
Referring to the inadequate budget allocation for the education sector, the opposition leader said although the House has passed a mega budget with an
outlay of Taka 4.65 lakh crore while the budget outlay for the education sector is not up to the mark.
Consequently, she said every year huge number of students are being scored GPA-5 in the SSC examination, but the quality of their education is not up to the
mark, saying that they are not getting privilege at the admission test in higher education.
Raushan said the government has taken ‘zero’ tolerance against the drugs and terrorism, but it will not be fruitful if the rate of the unemployment rise.
Criticizing the indiscipline prevailing in the banking sector, the opposition leader said about 16 lakh accountholders have already stopped their transaction in the
banking sector for alleged free style looting being taken place in the sector.
She urged the government to bring back a discipline in the banking sector, otherwise the government’s development plan will be affected due to the disorder.
Raushan Ershad said food, education, health and housing are the prime five basic needs of the people and the government should take initiative for taking necessary action to this end.
She was critical about the ongoing river encroachments, water contamination, air pollution, environmental degradation, traffic jams, health problems saying the
government must act to arrest those crippling problems to reduce the woes of the common people.-BSS

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