Start with startups: How to find a graduate job in France

Start with startups: How to find a graduate job in France
Published : 19 Mar 2016, 16:48:46
Start with startups: How to find a graduate job in France
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Paris-based graduate and job hunter Ellie O'Driscoll offers some sound advice on how to land employment in France after finishing university. You can start with start-ups, she says.

 Everyone knows the graduate careers market is already saturated, but what happens when you’re a graduate with French language skills who is looking to enter the French job market?

As someone in exactly that position, trying to see the wood through the (French) trees, here are some top tips on looking for graduate jobs in France as a jeune diplômé.

Look to start-ups

Paris is becoming a major haven for start-up companies which can provide you with a whole new source of job opportunities. If it works out, you'll grow as the company grows too.

Blablacar is the most notable recent French start-up success story, but there is a serious growth in this area and fresh ideas and language skills will always be attractive to such companies.

 Thomas Thorburn, a graduate who studied literature at the University of Warwick, now works at ‘Weblib’ – a Paris-based start-up which provides tablets and Wi-Fi for shops and restaurants.

“The best thing about working for a start-up in Paris is that it seems there are hundreds of them, for pretty much every field imaginable,” Thorburn told The Local.

“I got my job through LinkedIn, which is good for sales and technology jobs. Start-ups all seem to want people with native English, and a bit of experience can go along way."

Marie Cosnard from French start-up Happn, the dating app that is taking on Tinder, told The Local the industry is an opportunity for young foreign workers to find a job in Paris.

 “Like other start-ups, something we really value is language, because we are looking to expand internationally and that’s the case with a lot of new companies,” she said.

“English is extremely important, but we hire many people from different countries, some of whom can barely speak French,” she added.

Although she warned potential recruits they would need plenty of drive and endurance to cope with ever-changing rhythms and long hours of working with a country trying to establish itself.

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