'Workload will be manifold'

'Workload will be manifold'
Published : 29 May 2017, 15:11:27
'Workload will be manifold'
Entertainment Correspondent
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Mahfuz Ahmed is a celebrated name of small screen star. Besides, he also works in movies. Movies earned him the national honour for the second time. He won the national award for the movie called Zero Degree. Lately, the actor was interviewed by bbarta's entertainment correspondent of late. Here is what the actor said during the conversation--
bbarta: How does it feel winning the national award for the second time?
Mahfuz: It feels really great. Everybody likes getting recognition of work. After learning matter last night (May 18), a different kind of feeling surfaced in me. My film “Laal Sabuj” helped me win the first national award as an actor. But, this time around the honour for production along with acting, through which my workload will be manifold.
bbarta: Did you ever think of winning the honour for acting in a self-produced movie?
Mahfuz: Honestly, I worked so hard for the movie. The entire unit worked utmost earnestly. During shooting, I pondered that it would be a nice movie. But, I had no idea that I would earn such an honour for it. 
bbarta: You work in movies sometimes. Why are you not regular in this field? 
Mahfuz: It will not be a good thing if every actor or actress gets a movie released every month. Because, the market of movie is not in a good shape in our country. Cinemas are getting shut down with days going by. Hence, I work in a movie considering relevant issues. Though I am not regular in films, my desire is to appear with a quality movie. The movies I worked in are different from the typical ones. I want to remain as I am. Considering proper time and chance, I will work and produce a movie.
bbarta: How busy are you with the Eid dramas? 
Mahfuz: My busyness is going with Eid dramas. Ramadan is mainly a month of TV producers and artistes. Everybody gets busy in work and so am I. I did acting in quite a few dramas. I can't remember their names, though. Besides, I am going for shooting of new productions every day.
bbarta: What is your take on acting in a self-directed drama? 
Mahfuz: I never like it to do acting and direct at the same time. But, I get forced to work as an actor when failed to have favourable artiste to play a character perfectly. There is a lack of dependable actor in this industry.
bbarta: First up, you are an actor, then a producer. How professional do you find the local producers are?
Mahfuz: Production in our country is yet to see complete professionalism. Woking atmosphere is an important issue for an actor. It is important for an actor to have a secure workplace as well as a comfortable working environment. Otherwise, it will be a reason of huge mental stress for an artiste. The situation is still absent in our country. People are working whimsically. 

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