'Worked in movies keeping audience in mind'

'Worked in movies keeping audience in mind'
Published : 23 Jan 2017, 14:29:27
'Worked in movies keeping audience in mind'
Ovi Moinuddin
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Subarna Mustafa is one of the noted and celebrated artists in the field of the country’s dramatics. From stage to small screen, she captivated the audience with her priceless talent of acting. The showbiz star also performed outstandingly in some movies, being well appreciated for her work. Subarna recently talked to bbarta24.net. 
bbarta: Though you worked under the direction of Badrul Anam Soudo in a number of dramas, this is the first time you are doing acting in his film. Tell us about this.
Subarna: Working for nine years with Soudo, I repeatedly realised that the only goal of his life is to make a movie. Well, I welcome him for advancing in this regard. Being a co-artist, I reckon his film Gohin Balochor doesn’t only belong to him, but to the entire unit worked for it. I hope Soudo will be praised for this film the way he was for his dramas. 
bbarta: You and your friend Raisul Islam Azad, also a celebrity actor, worked together in the film after several decades. How do you find the matter? 
Subarna: We casted in a number of dramas and tele-films. Asad played the roles of husband, brother and even lover. Honestly, I enjoy acting with him since our relationship is truly friendly. I feel that we working in the movie after a long period of time will be great.
bbarta: There was a time when you did acting against Syed Ahsan Ali Sydney. Afterwards, you also paired up with his son Jeetu Ahsan. Even in the movie Gohin Baluchar you worked with Jeetu.
Subarna: Jeetu is a complete actor. To be honest, I feel comfortable to work with him, which causes our efforts to come out successful. Even we receive better response from audience. However, he played a negative, but important character in the movie.
bbarta: What’s your take on the new artists in the film? 
Subarna: Tanvir, Moon and Neela are working for the first time. They tried their best to play own characters. I hope that the audience will also like their acting.  
bbarta: Private television channel Ekushey TV is airing your new drama serial “Antar-Jatra”. This apart, are you working in any other serial?
Subarna: The entire shooting of the drama serial directed by Soudo ended. Hopefully, its telecast will wrap up soon as well. Now, we are all busy with his movie and this is why I am considering acting in a new serial.  
bbarta: Cinema-lovers, especially your fans do miss you so much. How do you find this? 
Subarna: I too feel it. Then again, I worked in a number of movies keeping them in my mind. The movies include Bhuddi, Laal Sabujer Pala, Notun Bou, Suruj Miah, Noyoner Aalo, Stree, Palabi Kothay, and Durotwo etc. I am doing acting in Gohin Baluchor considering the fact.

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