Ways to give your skin benefit of gold

Ways to give your skin benefit of gold
Published : 12 Jan 2019, 14:17:38
Ways to give your skin benefit of gold
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Gold; it isn't just in jewellery stores. In fact, it's widely used for beauty purposes to brighten and firm the skin. The popular 24K Facial which uses pure gold flakes may have thrust the popular metal's beauty practices in the spotlight but there are many more ways to use gold for your skin right at home. We've got 5 ways to try yourself.

As A Mask

The Khadi Natural Gold Mask combines pure honey and gold dust extract to tighten the pores and make skin radiant. Mix with milk or rose water to make it liquid, apply, allow it to dry and remove to watch the magic happen.

As An Oil

The Beauty Co. Rose Gold Oil is the glow-getter your beauty routine needs. It contains gold dust particles along with rosehip seed, Argan and almond oil to hydrate the skin, leave it naturally glowing and act as a dewy mix when added to base makeup.

For A Facial

The VLCC Facial Kit will bring the magic of a gold facial to your home. It contains a mask, gel, cream, scrub and toner which include 24K gold leaf extract along with turmeric, sandalwood and more for 6 facial sessions in total.

As An Eye Mask

The Infinitive Beauty Collagen Eye Mask works on the under eye area to brighten its appearance and add freshness.

As A Serum

The Kazu Beauty 24K Serum is a K-beauty product that targets lines and wrinkles, repairs the cells and leaves the skin glowing.

Go on and add 24K magic to your skincare routine right away.- NDTV



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