How to use virgin coconut oil to upgrade your health...instantly!

How to use virgin coconut oil to upgrade your health...instantly!
Published : 15 Apr 2018, 11:23:38
How to use virgin coconut oil to upgrade your health...instantly!
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While the rest of the world is only just discovering the benefits of coconut oil, we in India have used it for centuries. But given how much processed coconut oil is available in the market, it’s best to go back to our roots and rediscover virgin coconut oil.
Virgin coconut oil is made from organic coconut pulp and coconut milk, which is processed without the application of heat to extract the oil. Most commercially available coconut oil is made from dried coconut (which may not be pesticide free), and the oil is extracted using heat, which destroys a lot of beneficial antioxidants.
Virgin coconut oil can be used for a variety of health issues:
* Oral and dental health: A mouthwash rinse of virgin coconut oil will whiten your teeth naturally and also protect you from all dental and gum issues. Add a pinch of crushed laung (clove) to a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil, and swish it around the mouth for 15 minutes. The oil kills and dissolves bacteria and virus in the mouth, and wipes out plaque. Use warm water to rinse out the oil residue.
* Chronic fatigue and tired nerves: Virgin coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids that are metabolised by the liver a little differently. The ketones thus released are safely used by brain tissue. Though results are not conclusive as yet, studies show that virgin coconut oil is good for seizure-prone children on a very low carbohydrate diet. Add the oil to smoothies and shakes.
* Skin nourishment: Virgin coconut oil has better hydrating and antibacterial effects on the skin and hair than regular coconut oil because of its higher level of antioxidants.
* Weight loss: Virgin coconut oil can be used in a soup as part of a meal replacement plan for people trying to lose weight. For example, people on a low carbohydrate diet can make a vegetable soup, and add coconut oil at the end. The presence of medium chain fatty acids adds to satiety and helps to reduce the carbohydrate load on the liver, leading to weight loss.-Hindutamtimes

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