Valentine’s Day: Make your home love-ready with these decor ideas

Sun, February 24, 2019
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Valentine’s Day: Make your home love-ready with these decor ideas
Published : 14 Feb 2018, 10:47:11
Valentine’s Day: Make your home love-ready with these decor ideas
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Love is definitely our favourite subject especially when Valentine’s Day is just a day way. We know that you are busy pondering over innovative ideas to gift to your loved ones but if you want to earn extra lovey-dovey brownies point why not give your home Valentine’s day makeover?
Experts say that romantic decor is more about the evoking emotions than the actual look. And the easiest way, they reveal, is through fabrics. You didn’t think it was that simple, right? Well, mate, it surely is as fabrics are soft to touch and delicate to look at. Go shopping for bed sheets in velvets, silks, linens, laces, or sheers. Voila! A plush yet romantic makeover is already accomplished. While sheer curtains add a touch of delicacy to the décor setting, heavier drapes, especially the ones, in velvets can give the room a luxurious, inviting feel.
Red Alert
Yes, yes, we didn’t forget red. The colour of love and on the day of love is ideal and failsafe. Interior designer Shantanu Garg says, “You can add various accents in this hue to your living room. You can go for nice red candle stands or red candles and place them on your centre table, and to add a little drama to your sofa lounge, a nice stole in rich a rich fabric like brocade will do the trick. In case, you don’t have a stole available; search your closet for a nice thick sari or shawl in the hue.”
Home decor expert, Saba Kapoor says that fairy lights in hues of red and pink come in handy for an excellent lighting option as well as creating a beautiful romantic vibe. “Put them in clear jar or empty wine bottle and place them at different around your living room,” she says.
For those who are not so much into red, decor expert, Raseel Gujral suggests, “Brighten up the décor with cushions to set a cosy mood. To add a fun vibe, play with neon coloured cushions designed with quotes, phrases or joyful words.”
An intimate flavour to meals
“Personally, I love to decorate the dining table and make it more intimate,” says Garg, adding, “A red napkin in lace with cutlery in monotone shade will brighten up any table.”
Romantic candlelight dinner is an ideal set up. Go for beautiful dinnerware in monotone shades and use red accents. (iStock)
If you are keeping the rest of the table sleek and simple, you can decorate your dining area with a dramatic floral chandelier. One can also go for elegant silverware as silver accents tend to glimmer in the candlelight creating a lovely glow.
Leafy treat
Yes, flowers, especially, red roses are ideal gifts to give your valentine, but why not give them the gift of a plant? You can choose from a heart-shaped plant such as a Hoya kerrii Craibto to red and pink flowers or beautiful succulents or fragrant blooms. For extra V-Day flair for your sweetheart, you can draw the shape of a heart using an organic maker on the pot, or mark it directly on the leaves. You can also add some paper hearts to the potted plant and attach it with a piece of wire before gifting.
Art Attack
The heart is the symbol par excellence of lovers. And what if only for once we declare our love on a wall? Take those construction paper hearts to the next level with geometric heart DIY. The wall decor will not only look super hip but also will have a handmade and customised feel to it.
If you are not up to a wallpaper art, then Sarita Handa, interior decor expert, says, “Take old photographs and frame them in rustic wood frames. Use different sizes and make a collage to give it an artsy feel. Arrange them aesthetically on the wall, preferably a neutral coloured wall, to make perfect wall art.”
Don’t Miss out the Bathroom
When you come to think of it, the bathroom may not be the first thing on your date’s mind. That’s why it is even more critical. So, be smart and give it a whole new makeover. A set of matching hand and face towel, an anti-slide bath mat, a coordinated set of bathroom accessories and a change from white fluorescent bulbs to incandescent bulbs is all you need. If you want to change more elements then along with all that place a vase with a fresh and beautiful flower and why not bring in a decorated framed mirror?-Hindustantimes

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