Soda, pizza and salty food increase kid’s liver disease risk

Soda, pizza and salty food increase kid’s liver disease risk
Published : 16 Feb 2017, 12:37:18
Soda, pizza and salty food increase kid’s liver disease risk
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People must absolutely control their kid’s junk food intake. Researchers have warned that children who regularly take fructose present in soda, sweetened beverages, pizza and salty food, biscuits and yogurt may be prone to liver disease.
According to a study, led by researchers from Bambino Gesu Hospital in Italy, dietary fructose increases serum uric acid concentrations.
Although NASH is a less aggressive form of NAFLD, it can progress to severe fibrosis and cirrhosis, with development of hepatocellular carcinoma in adults.
The findings suggested that fructose consumption was independently associated with high uric acid, which occurred more frequently in patients with NASH than in not-NASH patients.
“The study shows for the first time that uric acid concentrations and dietary fructose consumption are independently and positively associated with NASH,” Nobili added.
For the study, reported in the Journal of Hepatology, the team analysed 271 obese children and adolescents with NAFLD -- 155 males, mean age 12.5 years -- who underwent liver biopsy.
Nearly 90 per cent were found drinking sodas and soft drinks one or more times a week.
Almost 95 per cent of patients regularly consumed morning and afternoon snacks consisting of crackers, pizza and salty food, biscuits, yogurt, or other snacks.
The development of NASH may markedly affect life expectancy and quality of life in affected individuals.-Hindustantimes

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