'Rohingyas are the owners of Arakan state'

'Rohingyas are the owners of Arakan state'
Published : 30 Aug 2017, 12:43:37
'Rohingyas are the owners of Arakan state'
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Arakan was historically Bangalees' land. It was the then bloody British imperialists who made it part of terrorist state Myanmar. Rohingyas are the owners of Arakan state.


Barbaric Myanmar army, police and local mongoloid people are just trying to erase the last Rohingya man, women and children. This is a communal, ethnic cleansing going on in Myanmar. If these devils want a Rohingya free Myanmar, then they should make Arakan free for Rohingyas and get separated. But this terrorist state can not continue genocide on Rohingya.


The write-up was collected from Sheikh Adnan Fahad's Facebook.

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