'Miseries of hill people end within the hills'

'Miseries of hill people end within the hills'
Published : 06 Jun 2017, 15:35:47
'Miseries of hill people end within the hills'
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My friend Moni Shanker Chakma, younger brothers and sisters -- Raskin Chakma, Timo, Rupesh Chakma, Monimoy; all of them helped greatly during a research in Rangamati. The other names that came really cordial then are Bijak Chakma, Boby Marma, Sagarika Tripura, Rupantar Chakma, Tapan Jyoti Chakma and Kraizari Marma etc. 
My friend Moni visited my house, and I went to his home village in Rangamati. Even during the last Biju festival, I went there and enjoyed the event. I was also invited on a feast at the house of Adivasi leader Santu Larma. They left no sign to be doubtful about their hospitality. I also had mingled with Bipul Chakma and others. Everybody over there is so cordial. It felt like being in a bonding of souls then. 
However, one of them said, "The woes and miseries of the hill people surface and end within the hills." The remark made me feel so bad about them.
The term "adivasi" refers to the indigenous people. Then, why is there a conflict between them and Bengali settlers in the hill districts? Why are the adivasi establishments being torched and looted there? Why are murders taking place there?
I am seeking the kind attention of the prime minister in this regard. I hope that she would intervene into the matter, helping settle the conflict since she is the one who we really rely on in almost everything. 
Let, my brothers and sisters be safe and sound, let the hills be calm, and let the people living there be in peace.
Collected from the Facebook account of Bangladesh Chhatra League central committee member Tagar Md Saleh.

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