Stop slow poisoning, now!

Stop slow poisoning, now!
Published : 24 May 2017, 13:08:05
Stop slow poisoning, now!
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The recruitment test of Agrani Bank was scheduled today (May 19). My younger brother, Shariful Hasan, also a journalist of Prothom Alo, was keeping an eye on this and so was I.
There was a possibility from before that the question of the test may be leaked. And, rightly so; that too with the answers.
Hasan reported the question paper leak along with the answers just a little while before the test was scheduled to start. Despite the fact, the authorities concerned conducted the test!  
It appears to be enough to destroy a country. It is called slow poisoning!
You are probably not getting the point now, but will do so someday; which will be way too late and there will be no way to return. I have been writing articles on the issue in newspapers for days.
I myself is a teacher. I have a conversation with the students of new generation regularly. I will never raise a question about their knowledge. But, the way they treat acquiring knowledge or education leaves me panicked.
Why do people have to acquire knowledge in a country where SSC and HSC exams, and university, medical intake tests, and even recruitment tests are being held amid regular question paper leak? Acquiring knowledge is considered mockery now! Just think a bit about the matter.
It means that doctors are getting their MBBS degree without study, bureaucrats are getting their job through tests held based on leaked questions. Even judges and barristers are also following the same process. These are who will run the country after five to ten years. Just ponder what will be the condition of the country then.
It is high time the malpractice stopped. Children do not understand what Probhat Ferry is thesedays. Maybe, they will not recognise the national flag well in the future. Maybe there will be a situation when they will be asked to identify the national flag out of four flags.
Stop slow poisoning, now. We will all be destroyed by the poison oneday, otherwise.
Collected from the Facebook post of Aminul Islam

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