Why several Bangladeshis shot dead by BSF?

Why several Bangladeshis shot dead by BSF?
Published : 23 Sep 2016, 16:44:02
Why several Bangladeshis shot dead by BSF?
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India can do nothing against its enemy neighbour Pakistan across the border. But it can kill citizens of its friendly neighbour Bangladesh in the borders.
After the recent unexpected and condemned killings of 17 Indian soldiers allegedly by Pakistan-patronized Kashmiri fighters, india was supposed to go for retaliation. But it seems that Indian BSF have been asked to increase firing on Bangladeshi citizens. If it is not, why several Bangladeshis have been shot to dead by BSF in the last couple of days?
After kashmir occurrence, Indian BSF was supposed to stop firing on Bangladesh border as I think India needs Bangladesh in its every step against Pakistan. But they did not. When two countries consider them as friendly neighbours.

The write-up is collected from Sheikh Adnan Fahad's  Facebook

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