Saree is not only a party dress

Saree is not only a party dress
Published : 22 Mar 2016, 12:13:22
Saree is not only a party dress
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National dress for Bangladeshi women is Saree. But who is wearing what is her personal choice. No one should look down upon to someone's dress choices. I think if it is elegant to look and wear to comfortable, then okay. But reality is different than that. I can't wear my favorite dress of my own choice.
I am 23 years old a Bangladeshi women and Saree is my most favorite dress. But I am not allowed to wear it everyday in a week. If I do it, I will surely asked, oh yes! you are going on what occasion? If I say, no, I am not going anywhere, they raise their eyebrow, few laugh silently. 
I feel uncomfortable at their behavior. We should change our mentality. Saree is not only a party dress. And not a married woman only, an unmarried woman can wear it everyday. It`s something that is very much connected with our nationality. We must feel proud for having it.
From Farzana Akter Pinky's facebook

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