The beautiful beaches of Amlaj, the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’

Wed, December 19, 2018
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The beautiful beaches of Amlaj, the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’
Published : 09 Mar 2018, 22:28:19
The beautiful beaches of Amlaj, the ‘Maldives of Saudi Arabia’
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Al-Hawra is an old name for the Saudi province of Amlaj, which has picturesque islands and charming beaches.
Amlaj has great archaeological and historical treasures, stretching 147 km north of Yanbu in western Saudi Arabia.
Photographer Nasser Abdulla Al-Kathiri documented its aesthetic views in photos that promise a lot of potential as a touristic destination worthy of calling it the “Saudi Maldives,” he says.
104 natural islands in Amlaj
"The sites in Amlaj are characterized by a varied, beautiful tropical ambiance, which has made it part of the Red Sea project.
It combines beaches that varies in the colors of its sands, and its mountainous and sandy islands, which are more than 104 islands.
Amlaj can be toured by boat, and during the ride, the colorful fish beneath can be spotted. The area is also a habitat to dolphins as they emerge at the beginning of the summer season.
Its islands are packed with coral reefs, and there are some nature reserves visited by some beautiful and migrating birds.
Migrating birds and leaning palm trees
Nasser pointed out that Amlaj is considered a pathway for migrating birds and marine creatures, for its temperate atmosphere and the beauty of its “Daqm” beach.
Amlaj is also characterized by its ancient tall and leaning palm trees, which are watered from the springs that flow beneath it and pour directly into the sea.
Its sunset views are enchanting and are framed to the east by the delicious mango farms, and from the east, golden sand dunes, high mountains and inactive volcanoes can also be spotted.
Running springs pour into the sea
Nasser added: "to the north-east of Amlaj, fresh springs flow, like “Koff” spring which lies between the mountains and the sands.
Amlaj Sea embraces a group of natural islands in the form of an archipelago that extends to the far north of the coast of the city of Wajeh. The islands of Amlaj are also home to bird nests, and the beaches of these islands are great for swimming, diving and recreational activities, in addition to the historical area, near the city port, where the shipbuilders and the crafts workers are to be found. "
Beaches for family recreation
Amlaj is known as an attractive destination for those wishing to spend a quiet family holiday on the beaches in an environment surrounded by scenic valleys and mountains. Its famous beaches are covered with palm trees, like Ras Al Shaaban Beach and Doqm Beach. A number of sandy and rocky islands including the island of Jabal Hassan are very popular in the region.
The island is 10 miles away from the beaches of Amlaj, and it is surrounded by attractive sandy beaches and a range of small islands, such as Libana and Um Sahar, which is great for tourists and bird watching enthusiasts.
Saudi Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Public Investment Fund, Mohammed bin Salman announced yesterday the launch of a global tourism project in Saudi Arabia under the name of "Red Sea Project." It is planned to be one of the world's most beautiful and diverse natural resort amd touristic sites.
The project will be launched in collaboration with major international companies in the hospitality and hotel industry to develop exceptional tourist resorts on more than 50 natural islands between the cities of Amlaj and Al-Wajh, in these natural reserves in Saudi Arabia.
The project sits on a number of pristine islands in the Red Sea, stretching opposite Madayen Saleh which is famous for its urban beauty, its great historical

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