Taste your cosmetics!

Sat, February 16, 2019
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Taste your cosmetics!
Published : 12 Jul 2018, 20:03:01
Taste your cosmetics!
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A restaurant in China served creative dishes with the theme of cosmetics and skincare products. It has become a sensation among female customers in northwestern China’s Xi’an City. Not only are these edible items served in vivid shapes, but they also add special memories to your dining experience.
Taste your cosmetics!
Lipsticks are made from chocolates of different flavors; makeup brushes from crisp cookies; skincare serums from smoothies; lotions from lychee drinks and facial creams from jelly and mousse.
The whole set which includes six lipsticks and brushes costs 138 yuan (about 20.8 US dollars) and has a limited supply every day, so customers have to book in advance.
Taste your cosmetics!
Why make “cosmetics” into food? The restaurant owner, who used to be an airline stewardess, said whenever she landed in a city, she would try the local food and buy cosmetics products. That’s how she got the idea and combined the two into a business.-internet

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