Beggar in a passenger plane!

Sat, February 16, 2019
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Beggar in a passenger plane!
Published : 21 Jun 2018, 20:12:32
Beggar in a passenger plane!
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Bizarre footage has emerged appearing to show a man holding up a commercial flight by persistently begging passengers for money.
The middle-aged man held out a plastic pouch and pleaded for help on board a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Shiraz, ignoring repeated requests from staff to sit down, Mail Online reports quoting Daily Pakistan.
Some passengers even gave the man money as he stood in the aisle of the plane and delayed take-off for more than a minute.
Footage filmed by a witness went viral on social media today and has been viewed more than 25,000 times.
It shows the man standing in the aisle, pleading with passengers while holding the pouch.
A female member of staff approaches and says: 'Sir, please have a seat. I understand you, sir, but we're about to take off.' 

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