No stove? No problem!

No stove? No problem!
Published : 08 Jun 2018, 15:46:47
No stove? No problem!
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The Internet has been flooded, year after year, with videos of people cooking eggs on the road as the mercury soars in India. This particular incident, however, takes things a little further. Bizarre photos from China show a woman cooking fish (yes, fish) on the hood of a car in sizzling 40-degree heat.
The photos show at least five small fish laid out on the hood of a dark-coloured vehicle. The various pictures show the woman flipping the fish (presumably so it cooks evenly on each side). In one photo, she holds one fish up with a pair of chopsticks and we have to admit, its skin does look quite crispy. 
The photos, tweeted by People's Daily, China, were reportedly shot in the city of Binzhou, located in eastern China's Shandong province.
Last year, a man was filmed cooking an egg on the road in Odisha's Titlagarh. The state was in the throes of an intense heat wave with temperatures touching 45 degrees Celsius in some places. A video shared by news agency ANI showed the man cracking an egg into a frying pan placed on the road. Less than a minute later, the egg was ready to eat.
In April 2016, a woman from Telangana's Karimnagar was filmed cooking eggs directly on the burning hot ground.
Last July, a man in Dubai cracked an egg into a frying pan that had been sitting outside in 46-degree heat for roughly 10 minutes. Seconds later, he had a perfectly cooked egg - sunny side up.-NDTV

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