Wedding ceremony on highway due to traffic jam

Wedding ceremony on highway due to traffic jam
Published : 27 Apr 2018, 22:27:37
Wedding ceremony on highway due to traffic jam
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A couple were forced to hold their wedding on the Luoyang-Yichuan highway in Henan  province of China on April 23 after the groom's procession became trapped in heavy traffic, Knews reported.
The groom was on his way to the scheduled wedding site when his car fleet became stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, the report said.
The parents of the couple were all worried about missing the set time of the wedding, which held auspicious meaning for them. That's when it was decided to hold the wedding by any means possible.
The emcee, who was also stuck in the traffic jam, rose to the occasion and presided over the wedding on the highway, with strangers in other cars looking on and capturing the scene with their cellphones, as a video shot by a witness showed.
A netizen said that seeing the bride and groom cuddling up together on a highway would be unforgettable, while others thought it was quite dangerous.-Shanghaidaily

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