Drunk man falls out of car, wife doesn't realize

Drunk man falls out of car, wife doesn't realize
Published : 10 Feb 2018, 20:32:43
Drunk man falls out of car, wife doesn't realize
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A China woman didn’t realize her drunk husband had opened the back door of their car and fallen onto the road until she'd driven a few hundred meters, as Modern Express reported.
As security video showed, the man fell from a car as it passed through the crossroads of Zhenghe Road and Zhabei Road in Taicang of Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province around 4:30am on January 9.
The woman behind the wheel only realized her husband wasn’t in the car when she arrived at the next crossroads. Then she drove back to find her husband.
According to local police, the drunken man opened the car door in order to vomit as he thought his wife hadn’t started the car yet.
The man was only slightly injured in the accident, and the woman reported the case to police on February 5 as they wanted to make insurance claims for her husband’s injuries. The case is currently under further investigation.-Shanghai Daily

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